The 4L Trophy is a student Raid Adventure whose goal is to cross over the Maroccan desert driving a Renault 4L.

Since 1996, date of its creation by Desertour, the purpose of the 4L Trophy is to convey school and sporting stationery to children from south Morocco. With the years, this receipt made 4L Trophy the first European student event!

Renault 4L, full of school stationery, have to cross over France, Spain and then Marroco. A 6000 km trip to see the famous dune of Merzouga, where all the scolar stuff will be given out.

More than a simple motor race, the 4L Trophy requires off-road navigation capabilities and rock-solid consistency. In rally-raid, endurance is primordial; the least mistake can be costly. But in this particular and nature friendly rally, the notion of speed is exclude. Besides, some speed control are conduct especially in the crossed village. The rank is made by distance calculation to reward orientation and clearing dunes skills.

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